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> Select the services and washing preferences for your order > Select the pickup time (for doorman buildings, items can be left with doorman). Delivery can be scheduled with pickup driver (if no doorman). > Leave the rest to us! We will return your items with our special 'On the Go' Laundry and Dry Cleaning bags to use for future orders. *Use our EXPRESS CHECKOUT option after your first order!
Any bag can be used on your first order. It'll be returned back to you. When we return your items, we will provide you one of our 'On the Go' Cleaners Bags to use for future orders.
Same Day Laundry return available for our first time slot of the day (please select SAME DAY for a small additional cost). 24-36 hour return for anything after. We suggest selecting the earliest time frame to ensure the fastest turnaround time. Dry Cleaning takes 1-3 business days. Closed over weekends.
Input your credit card information. When your order is being returned, the card on file will be charged. (All credit card information is encrypted and stored with a 3rd party secure credit card processor)
$25 minimum. If your items are under $25 (Laundry/Dry Cleaning combined), a surcharge will be added to the order to reach this amount. *Laundry has a 10 pound minimum per bag
We mostly service the east side of Manhattan:
We are expanding rapidly, so create an account, and we will keep you in mind for future business! If you are outside of these zip codes, there may be a $50-$100 minimum for pickup (Laundry/Dry Cleaning Combined). We do not service Hotels/Air BnB.
Please utilize the additional preferences box while placing order. We will do our best to accommodate and will call you if we have any issue/questions about your request.
Our standard is a mildly scented detergent. We also offer Tide Free and Clear (unscented), Tide detergent (Scented), Downy Softener (Scented). These can be selected under preferences for a small additional fee.
Customers may provide us with their own detergent ONLY if it is in a single-use disposable container or pods. If you choose to provide your own single-use detergent, please provide a separate bag with this. Can be handed to driver or attached to outside of the laundry bag. Please write these instructions in under the additional preferences box when ordering. Please do NOT send bottles of your own detergent. We cannot be responsible for using or returning them after use.
We charge a $10 fee for missed pickups. You can cancel up to 30 minutes prior to your pickup time. Try giving us a call, we can work with you.
Please refer to our pricing page. *Prices may be subject to change. This page shows standard item pricing. We will provide an email and paper receipt upon return of your items.
Unfortunately we do not offer this service.
We do not. We are strictly a service for residential local customers.
Tell a friend about us! Email their name to us after they place their first order. We will give you a $5 discount for every new customer. Your friend will receive $10 off their first order as well! Email: Support@OnTheGoCleaners.com or go to our contact us page and submit an inquiry with the information requested.
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