Going the extra mile in making laundry services convenient, simple, and cost-effective with free pickup and delivery

 With the specialized approach of On The Go Cleaners, Same Day Laundry is just a click away. Getting your laundry collected, cleaned and delivered within a day, you will hardly notice that your beloved garments ever left the wardrobe. Bringing your fabrics back to their original glory and opulence, Laundry Services NYC make sure that your clothes will be returned cleaner, softer and fresher.          

With services designed to meet your individual needs, On The Go Cleaners offers swift Same Day Laundry and commits itself in strict inspection of your clothes and garments for the best quality assurance. We clean with non-toxic and environmentally friendly agents using state-of-the-art equipment. Guaranteeing an effective removal of the most stubborn stains, we specialize in providing a non-aggressive and eco-friendly laundry service.         

Laundry services have never been this easy!        

Experience professional cleaning combined with the convenience of at home pickup and delivery        

Kind to clothing and the environment, our Laundry Picked and Delivery NYC makes possible the following unrivalled advantages -         


§  We are at your doorstep        

We offer a free collection and delivery service with a same day 24h turnaround time. The expanded reach of our Laundry Picked and Delivery NYC makes sure that we are never far away from you. On The Go Cleaners delivers a swift and reliable service which inclines with your daily schedules.              

§  We have a proud heritage           

On The Go Cleaners has maintained an unsurpassed expertise and quality consistency deep rooted in our heritage. Serving peak standards of customer satisfaction and unhindered communication, we have emerged to be one of New York’s most dependable laundry service providers.        

§  Eco-friendly and quality services           

Dedicated to keep you looking your best every single day, our Same Day Laundry services make sure that your clothes and garments are in their best shape. Making every possible effort to keep your clothes crisp and clean, On The Go Cleaners ensures an in-depth and rigorous laundry cleaning which is tough on stains and subtle for the fabrics.    

§  Professional laundry cleaning personalized      

While placing an order, customers can input special preferences and cleaning instructions for their clothing. Moreover, you get to choose a detergent of your choice which you may provide us. As standard, we use mildly scented detergents of high quality and also offer customers the choice of Tide Free and Clear (unscented), Tide detergent (Scented), Downy Softener (Scented) detergents or cleaning agents.           

Maintaining a strong tradition of unparalleled customer services and unhindered sustainability commitment from our Laundry Services NYC                  

At the heart of its actions, On The Go Cleaners strives to maintain peak social and environmental sustainability. With our strong commitment for environmental safety and protection, our processes are designed to reduce water consumption and are highly energy efficient as well.            

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