Wash and Fold NYC

Being one of Manhattan’s most reputed and trusted Wash and Fold laundry in NYC, On the Go Cleaners is deeply committed to offering premium services at affordable costs. We offer safe and effective wash and fold NYC services with same-day or next-day delivery options, a choice of washing preferences, and efficient customer support. So, if you are seeking a reliable service for “wash and fold near me”, seek no further than On the Go Cleaners! Rest assured, you will get clean and crisply-folded clothes delivered to your doorstep, allowing you to avoid laundry hassles. Great deals & offers! Get in touch!



Why Choose Us For Your Wash and Fold Service In NYC?


Be it wash and fold service for daily wear, office wear, or nightlife wear, On the Go Cleaners can be your ideal service. All our laundry services are performed using modern and technologically-advanced machines. Connect with us to get clean fluff and fold clothes with crisp and wrinkle-free finishes.


Become our partner and enjoy laundry perks like:


➢     Flexible Scheduling:Schedule your laundry pick-up and delivery according to your convenience and availability. Your doorstep ‘wash and fold NYC’ is just a few clicks away. Hurry!


➢     Affordable Pricing:Get clean, dry, fluff, and fold clothes at unbeatable laundry rates! Also, get $10 off your first order with promo code "FIRST". Connect now!


➢     Fast Delivery:Are you left with no time to clean your laundry at home or visit a laundromat? Connect with us and we’ll come right to your doorstep! We offer same day or next-day laundry wash and fold service and leave the rest on us. Book now!




                                                              How Do We Work?


On the Go Cleaners’ wash and fold laundry service is perfect for everyone irrespective of whether you are a student, a working individual, a homemaker, or simply someone who hates doing laundry. So, spend your valuable time on important tasks while we do the laundry for you!


Here’s a glimpse of how we work:


1.      Our Laundry Process


Here at On the Go Cleaners, we use gentler laundering mechanisms and specialized cleaning detergents to ensure that the clothes are free from all sorts of dirt and stains. Being a reputed wash and fold laundry service in NYC, we ensure to provide new life to clothing fabrics while maintaining their original quality and color.


2.      Our Laundry Etiquette


Our team of laundry professionals has extensive years of training and experience handling a wide variety of clothing. Moreover, we allow our customers to choose from various detergent preferences. Rest assured, partnering with us will let you receive clean fluff and fold clothes with crisp finishes.


3.      Our Laundry Service Turnaround Time


The turnaround time for our wash and fold laundry service is same day or next day and is currently available on the east side of Manhattan. To find out the availability of our free laundry pick-up and delivery service in your area, feel free to connect with us by text!



                                                       Advantages of Choosing Us


Here at On the Go Cleaners, we offer industry-leading wash and fold NYC services that include:


➢     Varied Detergent Options:We offer a wide variety of detergent and fabric softener options to choose from. So, you may either choose a standard or premium detergent according to your preference and budget.


➢     Expansive Folding:We first sort clothes on the basis of colors, fabric textures, and embellished works.


➢     Turn around Delivery Options:Want to avail of same-day or next-day laundry wash and fold service? Connect with us! We provide impeccable laundry service with same/next-day delivery options.


➢     Excellent Customer Support: Our customer care team is here to assist you whenever you need our help or guidance. Being a widely-recognized laundry service in NYC, we are deeply committed to providing our customers with clean fluff and fold clothes every time. Text us anytime.